Where do you turn for advice and council? Our trusted advisor services provide seasoned industry thought leaders who are available on a retainer basis to provide their expertise on an as needed basis.

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Where you turn for advice and council?

This is a question that is often posed to organizations when they are faced with tough questions in Governance Risk and Compliance and Information Risk and Security Management.  Our trusted advisor services provide seasoned industry thought leaders who are available on a retainer basis to provide their expertise on an as needed basis.  They are there to help enhance capabilities during normal operations, but more importantly they are available in times of crisis to provide independent and unbiased expert advise.

The key to successful governance risk and compliance capabilities information security and risk management programs is an effective strategy.

Our consultants have extensive global experience across many industries in assisting clients in defining and developing effective strategies that compliment business activities and goals.

Developing an Information Risk and Security Management program is a complicated task that takes extensive knowledge and experience to do effectively and efficiently.

Our consultants have designed and implemented information Security and Risk Management programs for numerous organizations including Fortune 50 financial services organizations, media and entertainment groups, multi-national organizations, and small and medium businesses who have do to more with less.

  • Information Risk and Security Management Strategy Development
  • Information Security Program Design and Implementation
  • Information Risk Management Program Design and Implementation
  • Capability Maturity Assessments

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Metrics and measures have become a key requirement of organizations.

IP Architects consultants help organizations develop metrics and measurement frameworks and capabilities that are simple and effective in monitoring their capabilities and reporting results to multiple audiences including business, technical, and customers.

Featured Services

  • Metrics Strategy Development
  • Metrics Frameworks
  • Key Performance Indicator Development and Implementation
  • Consequence Management Solutions
  • Reporting Concepts and Tools
  • GRC Tool Integration

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Enterprise resiliency consulting assists organizations to in reviewing and enhancing their business resiliency capabilities including command and control, incident response, business continuance, and disaster recovery.

Our knowledgeable consultants have helped clients proactively develop capabilities and programs as well as provide assistance during business impacting events and incidents.

Featured Services

  • Enterprise Resiliency Program Development
  • Crisis Management Solution, Tool, and Capability Development and Implementation
  • Business Continuity Methods, Practices, and Procedures
  • Disaster Recovery Solution Development and Implementation

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Our consultants are well known and regarded Information Risk and Security Management and the Governance Risk and Compliance communities.

They often provide guidance and industry insights to up and coming and mature technology organizations that want to make sure their capabilities align with industry requirements and customer expectations.

  • Enhance market acceptance and penetration of products and solutions
  • Gain access to senior level staff of numerous Fortune 2000 organizations across the globe
  • Build credibility in the marketplace by having noted experts advise you
  • Work with experts who have direct access to media outlets, conferences, and industry thought leader to enhance exposure of your products and services

Our consultants have worked with the investment community for a number of years.

They provide confidential technology, product and product strategy, and organizational reviews prior to provide intelligence and due diligence for investment activities.

IP Architects consultants are considered leading industry thought leaders and experts.

They excel in the areas of Information Risk and Security Management, Compliance,  Privacy, Information Technology, and Data Management.

Featured Services

  • Litigation Support and Preparation
  • E-Discovery
  • Expert Witness Services