Let our team support your vendor risk and security efforts and remove the time consuming and resource burdening activities associated with responding to customer security questionnaires and audits and conducting security reviews of your partners and vendors.

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Vendor Risk and Security has become a key component within any modern information risk and security program.

Our consultants have developed and implemented vendor risk and security programs for organizations across many industries all over the world to help them efficiently identify, govern, and monitor vendor risk and security. We have unique strategies, methods, and practices, and materials that allow us to implement these programs quickly and with minimal impact to business operations.

Vendor Risk and Security Questionnaires are a key component of any vendor risk and security program.

Our consultants have extensive experience developing and managing vendor risk and security questionnaires. We customize questionnaires to your organizations risk profile and ensure every question provides insights and value to your organization. With our library of over 3,000 questions that we can draw from and each one can be mapped to major information risk and security related regulations and popular industry standards

We know who difficult it can be for organizations to respond to the numerous security questionnaires and inquiries that they receive on a regular basis.

Let our consultants reduce this burden by answering these questionnaires for you so you can focus on the business of providing effective risk and security to your organization.

Preparing for information security and information technology related audits, examinations, and customer site visits can be a nerve wracking and challenging experience.

Our consultants have extensive experience in working with organizations to assist them in preparing for these events and supporting them as they occur. We work closely with the IT audit community and many of our consultants are certified IT auditors as well.

Site visits are often a necessary, crucial, and often time consuming component of vendor due diligence activities and security reviews.

Our consultants have extensive experience in conducting sites all over the world. We can complete them in a cost efficient and highly productive manner. With our knowledge, experience, and capabilities we can identify issues and risks that cannot be discovered by a questionnaire process or remote review alone.